Common Grace Coffee Co. | Why Coffee?
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Why Coffee?

Many people would argue that what is most important in the execution of any task, project, goal- or one might even say- any path in life is the foundational question, why? As human beings our “why” will radically dictate our “what” and our “how”. We truly believe before you can properly do anything in life you must know why you are doing it, the “why” is what grounds you in pursuit of whatever it is you are pursuing. What you are doing will be done in a much more effective way if there is a convictional burden that is driving you- some deeply rooted “why” that is pushing you along.

For us the “why” in coffee is birthed out of our why in life- it is based on a deep, foundational, convictional underpinning that drives us in all of our “what’s” and “how’s”. Namely that people are better together- in fact that people are made in God’s image and therefore all people- of all ethnic backgrounds- have in them the very imprint of God. Consequently there is not a person walking the planet who is useless or has nothing to offer by way of usefulness for the common good of people. Yet because we live in a deeply broken world, people don’t naturally mix well. We are often like birds flocking with birds like us; we are radically missing an opportunity to mix with people who are different than us.

There is no perfect culture, every culture is made of both good things and bad, but when we mix, we have the opportunity to learn from each other because we all have something to offer.

So why coffee? Coffee inadvertently and effectually brings people together!  We may not agree on much but most of us agree on one thing; we love coffee. So coffee is a tool to serve people. Not only to serve them coffee that they thoroughly enjoy and are impacted by but also to give them a platform to mix with people in community for their good and the good of the community.

Yet coffee does not just connect people around a local table; it also has the ability to connect people at the local level to farmers and communities at a global level. Coffee can foster community locally and meet needs globally. You can touch a farmer thousands of miles away and they can touch you through the wonderful coffee connection as we strive to learn stories and develop partnerships that matter!

In short, coffee, because we are better together and coffee brings us together and gives us a platform to do good!

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