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For the City. For the Craft. For the World.

We exist for the city of Dearborn and the good of the world through the craft that is coffee.

For the City

Dearborn is place marked by its diversity. Our aim is to bring people together, people who might not otherwise come together.

For the Craft

We want to honor the hard work of everyone involved in the coffee process to display coffee in the fullness of its goodness.

For the World

We want to make a difference in the lives of those who produce coffee, striving to connect our local cups to a global cause!

Why Craft?

Coffee is a craft people invest their lives in, we want to honor that hard work with the way we serve the coffee people work so hard to produce.

Why Coffee

Our aim is to bring people together; coffee is often the centerpiece of all kinds of meetings as people come together for all kinds of things.

Why World

The connections that are possible in coffee have the ability to make a difference that will be impactful for the good of all people, all over the world.

Our Story

Our story in coffee found its origin in the realty that coffee has the potential to be so much more than just coffee; rather it can be a simple means to a greater and not so simple end for the common good of all people in its reach. 

Latest from the Blog

This is where we write; sometimes about community, sometimes about coffee and sometimes about things completely unrelated!

  • Many people would argue that what is most important in the execution of any task, project, goal- or one might even say- any path in life is the foundational question, why? As human beings our “why” will radically ...

  • This post will not be exhaustive in defining who we are; a task like that will take many posts and much time but rather, this post is aimed to meet your curiosity with a brief look into not just who we are but mor...

  • Every month we plan to put one coffee on special feature! We are doing this to tell the story because every coffee has a story. Around the table many stories start as we share time with our friends and family with...

Dale Tremblay-Dulong
Founder/Director of Coffee
Stephanie Trembly-Dulong
The Boss
Chole the Dog
Quality Control
Jon Blosser
Wholesale Director

Our Location

We are located right in the heart of downtown west Dearborn in the same plaza as Bar Louie and Moose’s!

22225 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, Michigan 48124

(313) 279-7369