Common Grace Coffee Co. | Who Are We?
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Who Are We?

This post will not be exhaustive in defining who we are; a task like that will take many posts and much time but rather, this post is aimed to meet your curiosity with a brief look into not just who we are but more importantly to begin painting a picture of why we are who we are! We think it is important to have a well defined “why” in life that thoroughly grounds your “how” and your “what”. This post will be the beginning of us telling our story and how we plan to be a part of yours.  Well it may be expected that in a post titled as this one is we may say, “We are coffee people”. While that is true, that is not- as a company- who we are. We are service people who serve people. Consequently there are convictional guiding beliefs about what it means to serve people that guide how we serve people. We aim to be people of excellence who operate in excellence in all we do, thus doing all things as excellently as we can. How’s that for a tongue twister? What we mean by that is that we desire to operate as a whole in a way that best serves people as a whole. Therefore we don’t just aim to serve good coffee, we strive that all we do will be treated with attention, zeal and tenacity to be the best we can thus giving people the best we can; both in service and in product!

We believe that serving good coffee alone is not a good service to all the people involved in the coffee process or a good service to the people we serve the coffee to. By way of example, what good is it to give someone an excellent cup of coffee yet offer it with a poorly made doughnut? What good is it to give someone good coffee with bad service? We believe quality is best executed holistically so that quality is achieved at every level with the utmost consistency so that each product falls on the same line thus creating a culture of excellence that starts with the product and overflows to the people who receive the product.

So who are we? We are people who care about people and want to give them the best we have at every level. We are not people about the product but rather people about people, therefore we care deeply about the product we give to the people.

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