Common Grace Coffee Co. | Common Grace Cup Contest
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Common Grace Cup Contest

At Common Grace Coffee Co. our motto is simple; we are for the city, for the craft, and for the world. What we mean by that is that we want foster community in the city of Dearborn using the culinary craft of coffee and the things that surround coffee to impact the world we live in.

We believe one way we can do that is by giving the community things to come together around. There is so much that divides us, we want to contribute things that might align us.

So, behold the Common Grace Cup Contest! Here are the details:

We are calling all local artists, poets, graphic designers, etc. We are launching a super cool art contest to showcase the best art in our community. All you have to do is post a picture of your art on your public Instagram page, follow & tag us, and use #commongracecupcontest by July 21st. We will repost all qualified photos, and the three posts with the most likes WIN! Winners’ art will be featured on all to-go cups while supplies last. Winners will be announced on August 5th at our community party! Be sure to participate! ☕️🎨❤️


1. Must be coffee or community themed (i.e. Dearborn, people gathering something that speaks of our city, coffee tools, coffee, etc.)
2. One submission per artist
3. No nudity (family friendly)
4. Keep in mind, this is going on a coffee cup
5. It must be original work


You are welcome to submit multiple submissions just for fun but please note which one you want us to use in the voting phase! You can do so by indicating in the comments which one is your final submission and that will be the one we repost!

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