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Latest from the Blog

This is where we write; sometimes about community, sometimes about coffee and sometimes about things completely unrelated!

  • Every month we plan to put one coffee on special feature! We are doing this to tell the story because every coffee has a story. Around the table many stories start as we sh

  • This post will not be exhaustive in defining who we are; a task like that will take many posts and much time but rather, this post is aimed to meet your curiosity with a br

  • Many people would argue that what is most important in the execution of any task, project, goal- or one might even say- any path in life is the foundational question, why?

  • At Common Grace Coffee Co. our motto is simple; we are for the city, for the craft, and for the world. What we mean by that is that we want foster community in the city of

  • HEAD OF COFFEE At common grace our motto is, for the city. for the craft. for the world. At the core of this vision is a deep need for a quality product and a even deeper n